Twelve Book Series​​​​​
Roxanne Lynch Sartori
The Books So Far
  1. Zima
    Enter The World Of The Twelve Celestial Zodiac Signs in this first book ZIMA Available On Amazon
  2. James
    The Second Book In the Twelve Book Series Adventure through Europe to find James` destiny
  3. Azami
    Book 3 in the Twelve Book Series A Young Japanese Samurai Warrior Proves A Woman Can Be Powerful in a Mans World
  1. Serena
    Book 4 Taurus Currently Being Edited Soon To Be Released On Amazon
  2. Alek
    Book 5 Capricorn Twelve Book Series Is Currently Being Edited Continue The Epic Adventure Alongside Alek as he traverses the wilds South of the Equater
  3. Jacy
    Book 6 Aries Currently being completed
Book One

Hidden away for five long years, Russian Princess Zima has just turned 21 and is finally returning home. Born with a destiny of greatness, Zima has no idea what knowledge the alchemy of the stars is about to unveil. But all of that is about to change as the 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 leaders must align in 12 months. Lurking in the darkness are dangerous forces creating mayhem and chaos for Zima’s motherland and threatening all of humanity. In the dawning 20th century, The Twelve young leaders will be finding their paths as they fight their own demons and clash with The Horsemen who threaten to bring mankind to a standstill.

Zima never imagined entering a realm where celestial guides, magical encounters and the wisdom of Universal Truth would encompass and rely on the success of her and 11 other chosen leaders. Will The Twelve stand up, stand alone, then stand together to defeat the enemies of mankind and avert disaster? Join Zima as she embarks on her journey of miles, challenging lessons and magnificence, guided by extraordinary companions who accompany her on the greatest adventure of all . . . Life. Fall into love while simultaneously entering the war for the world. Look for the next book in the exciting Twelve Book Series it could be your Sign.

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Roxanne Lynch Sartori

About the Author

Roxanne Lynch Sartori, Born in Brooklyn New York, travelled the world at a young age with her parents, and eventually was raised in the small fishing village of Killybegs in Ireland.  Roxanne resumed her travelling adventures and experiencing the excitement of the world on her own as soon as she was of age.

Being educated in rural Ireland, the joy and love of literature was sparked by the ever enigmatic genius of the Irish. Roxanne is a prolific writer while being a loving wife and mother of two. Keep an eye out for this author and the other books in this Twelve Book Series.

Book 2


The Twelve Book Series continues in Book Two 'James' . . 
About to begin his journey, James - still unsure why he has been chosen as one of The Twelve Leaders - blindly embraces the road ahead of him. With Alek and two soldiers as his companions, as well as a satchel of 12 magical items, James begins his journey for the second time, equipped but unaware of the challenges he has yet to face.

Each daunting and treacherous step puts James one foot closer to his destination: Paris, France. James returns to his French roots and his father's fortune: Sealed by a riddle which only he can solve. Extremes of trust and betrayal have defined the greater part of James life and he knows he must make wise choices to find the balance he needs to complete his quest. Despite having failed the first time, he powers through his fears of inadequacy and bears the uncertainty of the unknown. Will James be able resist the darkness hounding him from within? Will he and Alek be able to crack the code and save France - and the world - from the mayhem and chaos created by The Horsemen? The fate of all mankind hangs in the balance . . . 

Each Book introduces a new young character of a different zodiac sign destined for an unusually exciting adventure toward greatness.

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